Castello Ristorante

A taste of Italy on your plate.   

Events and catering

" talk about a diamond in the rough!  great find!  (thank you YELP).  Food quality was excellent and the service was delightful.  parking on premises, really nice wine list and the tableside Ceasar salad was a great addtion. Very unassuming from the outside but you'll be happy once you've stepped inside!" -Cary M


"When you walk into the dining room you would not be surprised to see Don Corleone sitting in the corner. It just has that kind of comfortable, "true" Italian feel to it. The best part beyond the great atmosphere it that it shows you really can have a great Italian meal that is something other than spaghetti, tomato sauce, and meatballs. Well worth a visit!"
                                                                                         -Customer from Trip Adivsor

"It seems that they go the extra mile to make you feel special and welcomed, and that they truly seem to appreciate your business. From the coat check person to nods as you pass staff on your way to the facilities, they really do want you to enjoy your visit to Castello's. And the food? Impeccable! I never tend to get anything from their menu because once our talented server starts to describe their long list of nightly dinner specials, I can't seem to make up a decision as to which one to choose."


- Nancy B.

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